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Motivation and openness to change is a basic requirement to have a successful coaching experience.

Laughtership Coaching uses evidence-based techniques to bring out the best in every person or group.


Authentic Happiness and Authentic Leadership are cornerstones of the Laughtership Approach (c). Authenticity and openness is part of the coaching relationship, in which the client and coach are engaged deeply.


By purposefully creating increased happiness in your organization, your employees will enjoy coming to work, they will be more satisfied while at work, they will get sick less often, and they will be less inclined to change jobs. Laughtership LLC is a GREAT investment!


Group Coaching

Laughtership Group Coaching is a powerful way to connect your team to change. Need the team to communicate more effectively? Is there a big change coming at the office? Is there a big project that needs some positive facilitation? 

Laughtership Group Coaching is suitable and scalable for any size group; from a small three-person team, a work division, or the whole organization, give Laughtership a try! 

Private Coaching

Laughtership Coaching is perfect for leadership development, career change, succession planning, project management, and more.

Coaching is not therapy or consulting. In coaching, the coach (me) guides the client (you) through a dynamic change process. Using powerful questioning, metaphorical imagery, leadership exercises, journaling, and other interactive tools, the coach guides the client towards specific, measurable change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Laugh?

I BELIEVE... Laughter is not just fun, but is necessary to a fulfilling life. Come learn how to be positively filled with laughter!