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Laughter & Profitability: Ha-Ha’s, Happiness, and Organizational Success

Simple Things

Like most things, happiness is a pretty simple concept when you stop to think about it.

Happy = Good.
Unhappy = Bad.

How do we influence our environment to be more happy than unhappy, while still being realistic about living in a conflict-filled, stress-creating, and negativity-mongering modern world? Because we all want to be happy, right? RIGHT?

Happy people do better! We know that:

Happy people have stronger interpersonal relationships, they live more fulfilling lives, tend to be healthier, have less conflict, and are more able to  successfully manage stressful situations. They smile more, fight less, and enjoy more out of their life.

While I agree wholeheartedly with the above statements, these are not just my opinions. The field of Positive Psychology, pioneered by Dr. Martin Seligman, has been studying this very idea since the late 1990’s, and humans have been talking about the benefits of happiness for thousands of years. Nearly 2,500 years ago, Aristotle wrote:

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”

Aristotle, Buddha, Confucious, Sophocles. All these wise guys (and many more smart people over the ages) have studied, philosophized, written, and talked about happiness; but it wasn’t until relatively recently that science has tried to unravel complicated ideas like well-being, optimism, happiness, and life satisfaction. I cannot take the space (or time) in a short article like this to cover all of the intricacies of Positive Psychology. A good summary of the field is thus:

Unlike traditional psychology, that starts with the presumption of a wrong needing to be fixed; positive psychology presumes that by focusing on our strengths, we can achieve success and happiness.

It really is that simple on the surface: focus on the “good”, and much of the “bad” can be taken care of more easily. There is much, much more to the field than this, with concepts like learned helplessness, optimism, grit, character strength interventions, and much more. And my intent is to chop some of these concepts down into easily-digestible concepts, like my most recent article on Emotional Labor.

A Happy Workplace is a Profitable Workplace!

Here’s Why:

  • Better Performance = Better Profits. Happy employees do their jobs better. Whether this is selling widgets, providing front-desk customer service, or managing other employees: if you are happier, you do whatever you do better!
  • Less Sick-Time = Lower Healthcare Costs. Happy employees are less sick. Science shows that happier people have better immune systems, and are able to fight off the “office bug” much better than those employees that are not as happy. These employees also tend to use less fake “sick time” to avoid work stress, which is another way less sick time is more money.
  • Lower Turnover = Money In the Bank. Happy employees stay longer. If an employee is happy and satisfied with their job, they are less likely to leave the company. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates that it can cost 6-9 months of the position’s salary to fully replace an empty position. Those are some big dollars! Wouldn’t it be better if people LOVED their job, and wanted to stay longer?

Happiness & Laughtership Training

I’ve already spent quite a bit of e-paper writing about the benefits to the mind and body by engaging in Laughter. In Laughtership 101: What is Laughter Yoga?, and 3D: A Better Way to Laugh, we explore concepts of laughter, humor, non-humorous laughter, belly-laughing, oxygenation, childlike playfulness, and a whole host of other aspects and benefits of engaging in Laughter Yoga. I would recommend you go and read those articles to catch up. Go on, I’ll wait…

Welcome Back!

Now that you are caught up on all things Laughter Yoga, you can better understand the groundbreaking importance of laughing without the need for humor or jokes! My Laughtership Approach (c) combines evidence-based positive psychological principles with the proven power of Laughter Yoga, and creates an organizational wellness program, unlike anything you have seen or experienced before!

If your work or business has reached its happiness capacity, just stop reading.

If you are like most businesses or organizations, you WANT to be happier, you just aren’t sure how to GET THERE. That is where I come in. My goal is not to just “enter-train” you for an hour with laughter and games and then leave. Sure, you might be a little happier for a while, but what about the next time you are stressed, or someone is yelling at you?

My goal is to leave your organization with a foundational understanding of why Laughtership Training is important AND give every employee realistic tools to use the next time one of life’s challenges happens. Once you learn to “laugh for no reason,” you will have a powerful tool for life! Once we have created purposeful, lasting, REAL happiness, we can talk about the coaching, leadership development, and positive psychology services I offer on a more long-term basis.

Let’s start with laughter.

Email me at mike@laughtership.net to start your company on the journey to organizational happiness!


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