Laughter Yoga...For Health, Happiness, & World Peace!

Reduce Stress, Lift your mood, be a better you in everything you do!

It all starts with you. If you want to be more positive, happier, less, stressed, and better able to handle life, you need to give Laughter Yoga a try! This unique way to exercise uses laughter without jokes or humor! No kidding! Find out more!

TEDx Fairbanks - Building Capacity. Opening Speaker for event. Laughter Yoga.

laughter really is the best medicine -

Come and get your prescription with Laughter Yoga!

  • Increase Endorphins

  • Lower Stress

  • Boost Your Mood

  • Get Energized!

  • Live a more fulfilled, happier life!

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Michael "Mr. Mirth" Bork

Positive Leadership Speaker & Coach

Laughter Yoga combines a unique exercise using non-humor based, deep belly laughter with yogic breathing (prana). This combination of unconditionally laughing and deep breathing creates an entirely unique mind/body experience. The best part? No yoga experience required, no traditional yoga balancing or posing! Anyone can do Laughter Yoga!