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780 NRPA 2016 Jazz Hands
Internationally Renowned!

Not your average "motivational" speaker

My message is energizing and motivational, but what makes my presentations unique is that all of my presentations are interactive and experiential. Using evidence-based psychological principles, authentic leadership, balloon animals, and non-humor-based laughter, I create an experience you will not forget! 

I am available for corporate training, special events, keynote presentations, conference breakout sessions, in-service training, or any other reason you would want to reduce stress and create laughter energy!

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Keynote & Training Topics

I offer a range of leadership topics, perfect for any training environment. All of my presentations use evidence-based principles of Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Dr. Madan Kataria's Laughter Yoga.

Below is a partial list of presentations I have given recently. 

Applied Laughter & Purposeful HAppiness (ALPHA) Training

Health, Happiness, & World Peace through Laughter!

YAY! The Not-So-Subtle Art of Being Child-Like,
Not Child-ish.

Laugh for the HELP Of It! The Bottom-Line Benefit of Organizational Happiness.

Stress & the Poor Balloon Dog

Laughter & Latex: Beating Stress Silly! (2-hour workshop)

Laughing in the Park: Laughter Yoga Recreation Programs

If You're Happy & They Know It, Happy Staff: Authentic Leadership & Positive Psychology

Crouching Confidence, Hidden Questions: Ninja Interview Skills

6-Part Positive "Playground Leadership" Training

  • Sandbox Savvy: Early Leadership Lessons
  • Mastering the Teeter-Totter: Achieving a Positive Work/Life Balance
  • Dangling from the Monkey Bars: Decision-Making & Career Pitfalls
  • Climbing UP the Slide: Failure & the Iterative Learning Process
  • The Leadership Merry-Go-Round: Tracking Trends Without Getting Dizzy!
  • "Push Me!" Swinging Higher for Organizational Success with Happiness
positively lead


Frequently Asked Questions

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What People are Saying

stencil.blog-images (3)-min
Teal Rogers
Performing Artist/Aerial Silks
I laughed so hard, I almost peed my pants! Thanks Mike, Laughter Yoga was a blast!
Participant, Mom
"Laughter Yoga is absolutely for everyone & is of benefit to everyone! Mike is an amazing teacher & I can't wait to be involved in another group!" 
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Ann, Fairbanks
"This class is amazing! I walked in with low energy & a foggy mind. I skipped out, feeling wide awake and full of energy!"
Donna, Fairbanks
"I came into this workshop tired & not knowing where I was going to get energy. This really worked! This is great pranayama!"