Michael Bork | Keynote Speaker & Workplace Happiness Expert


Happy people live better lives. They are sick less, have less conflict, more energy, and have more positive outlooks on life in general.

But how do you get "happy?" And what does happiness really mean?

I am an organizational leadership development specialist. My focus is working with individuals and groups on personal and organizational satisfaction and positivity. I use evidence-based psychology principles and laughter to enable transformative change. Be Mirthful!

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How Can I Serve You?

Educational session exploring public speaking, the fear of public speaking, common mistakes that speakers make, how to exercise before a speech, and pro tips to give a great peresentation
Laughtership Coaching

P2P or Group

Find out how Laughter & Leadership combines into a powerful coaching experience! Combining strengths-based psychology and authentic leadership practices, this is perfect for one-on-one or groups of any size! Positively change your life with Laughtership LLC!

Alaska Recreation and Park Association 2015 conference, Homer, Alaska, 10-9-15

Speaking & Training

Michael Bork has a unique, unforgettable presence and engaging interactive style. He offers training on leadership development, stress management, workplace happiness, authentic leadership, and positive psychology, and a host of other topics. Explore Laughtership Training!  


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Laughter Yoga

Find out how unconditional laughter can change your whole life!

Laughter is an instant vacation.

~ Milton Berle